More... Life at Shindogs    

Life at Shindogs

Snack time! Jin surrounded by everybody, on the outdoor deck.

More... The Big Yard    

The Big Yard

There is more than enough space for dogs to run free, in total safety.

More... In the Living Room    

In the Living Room

Lilly up on top of the sofa.... yes, we will spoil your dogs here!

More... Special Care    

Special Care

Hani stayed at Shindogs while she recovered from surgery. We can offer constant care to dogs who need it.

More... Big Dog Playtime    

Big Dog Playtime

Loki and Payka in the yard playing. Little dogs safely in the house!

More... You're safe here    

You're safe here

Monica, receiving special food. Guests get fed while in individual areas, to provide a secure eating environment.

More... Dinnertime!    


Spikey and Barkey munch on special meal : sweet potatoes. It was Christmas dinner.

More... Snack Time    

Snack Time

Kester in the bedroom, having some yummy treats!  

More... Smile at the sun    

Smile at the sun

Loki on a walk to beach, about 15 minutes away.

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